Vintage Glam Bridal Show, Newport Beach

I did another fun Vintage Glam Bridal Show on Sunday. It was close to my house at the Newport Beach Hyatt. The last show I did was in February in Los Angeles. You can see that one here.

It was fun to see what a huge hit my booth has been at the shows. So much so that brides were taking pictures of the set up and getting ideas for doing something like it at their weddings. This set up is everything I love from my house, so I like to see that brides are inspired by it.

A couple things I’ve learned from doing these shows:
1. My booth is very different from everyone else’s, which makes it stand out.
2. Brides either love it or hate it, which is actually really good! I want to attract the right kind of client-friend. I learned a long time ago that my clients are very specific.

If you were an attendee, make sure to keep an eye out for an email including the giveaway!

Here’s a couple pictures, taken with my iPhone and processed with Vsco Cam:

Brides loved my booth so much they were taking pictures of it and with it! We are thinking of renting out my stuff, since it’s been so popular.

Even though these are super pixelated, I had to post! Thanks to this guy who helped me set everything up! And he also came up with hanging the windows. Couldn’t have done it without him!

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