About Dana

About me
Trying to describe myself is like trying to describe a rainbow. It’s not easy. Someone once said my personality is filled with “rainbows, cookies, bubbles and midgets”. That’s hilariously fitting, because it also happens to be the synopsis of my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. (I’m so obsessed with that movie, I even did a shoot inspired by it. You can see it HERE.)

Colorful, fun, whimsical and quirky, these themes tend to show up in the way I approach photography. I love to document life in that way, but more importantly, I would love to document you, your life and your loves. My love for photography is just a reflection of my love for people and the beauty I see in you. I adore discovering what’s unique about you and documenting that. And hopefully, becoming great friends in the process.

About you
What interests you? What are your passions, your loves, your favorite cookies? You might love amazing food, traveling. You might be creative and love photography and design. There are so many things I want to know about you! So let’s go have some coffee/tea/cookies/doughnuts and talk. I would love to share in your life and show you the beauty I see in you.

A lifetime of beautiful memories will be my gift to you.